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Home Handstripping

What exactly is Hand Stripping?

Handstripping is a grooming technique that is used on wirecoated breeds like schnauzers, terriers, and the wirehaired dachshund.
Hardcoated- (or wirecoated- ) breeds have coarse hair that grows in lifecycles. Once each hairstrand has reached its max length, it dies and eventually falls out. The dead hairs are gently pulled out by hand, so that a pretty new coat can come fourth.

Why hand strip a coat?
Handstripping is very labour-intensive, time consuming and hard on the groomers arms and hands. But the payoffs are significant:
• a stripped coat maintains it's original vibrant color (a clippered coat will usually fade over time and look dull)
• a stripped coat protects the dog from rain and wind (while a clippered coat offers no insulation and absorbs moisture instead of protecting against it)
• a stripped coat does not shed (unless it's long enough to start stripping)

My dog has been clippered, can I get it hand stripped or is it too late?
It depends on your dog. Some dogs will maintain their wiery coat for years, despite being clippered. Other dogs will fade and lose all structure after one or two clipperings. Set up an appointment to talk to our professional groomer about your dog, once we see the dog we will recommend further action to make your pet look it's best!



Axcium Dog Spa is one of the few salons in Atlanta that offers professional hand stripping of all wire coated dog breeds. Click here to read more about hand stripping.