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Home FAQ I found a tick on my dog, how can I remove it properly?

I found a tick on my dog, how can I remove it properly?

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Make sure you found a tick and not a mole. You will be able to differentiate by seeing if it has legs.
Do not try to remove it with your fingers! Ticks carry Lyme disease, which is a serious disease. There are tools that are specifically made for removing ticks, however you can use a fine tip tweezer.
Be very careful not to squash the tick or remove by twisting it. Grasp the tick by its head with the tweezers and pull slowly away from the skin firmly with an upward and outward movement.
Make sure not to leave any parts still embedded to their skin.
Dispose of the tick properly by putting it in some rubbing alcohol.

There are good flea and tick preventatives on the market, see our page on fleas for more details.



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