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Home FAQ Why should the hair under the pads be trimmed?

Why should the hair under the pads be trimmed?

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We trim the hair around and between your dog's paw pads for multiple reasons:

  • The hair growing under their feet can collect mud and debris and bring into your home.
  • The hair can get matted and cause them discomfort.
  • In the winter the hair can collect ice and cause frostbite.
  • The hair can also cause loss of traction and can be dangerous when on a slippery floor, especially for an elderly dog.
  • Be careful with your dog's paw pads when walking your dog on concrete in the hot summer. They can get burned and blister. Try to walk your dog only on grassy areas on hot days.



Axcium Dog Spa is one of the few salons in Atlanta that offers professional hand stripping of all wire coated dog breeds. Click here to read more about hand stripping.