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Home FAQ You cut my dogs nails but they are still long - why?

You cut my dogs nails but they are still long - why?

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Some dogs have longer quicks. Quicks are very sensitive nerves inside the dog's nails that when cut will cause pain and bleeding.

We try to cut as close to the quick as possible without cutting the quick. If your dog's nails have not been cut in a while and they are really long, we will most likely not be able to cut them all the way back in one grooming session. You will need to bring your dog back bi-weekly so that the quick has time to draw back into the nail and we gradually can work the nail back to desirable length.



At Axcium Dog Spa we will do our best to make sure you are happy with our services. We offer a thourough de-matting services that guarantees you that your dog will not be shaved down just because of a few mats. We discuss your options, offer suggestions, and determine cause of action when you first arrive at your grooming appointment.  Our goal is always to have a happy, beauatifully groomed dog waiting for you upon pickup time.