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Home FAQ Why do I need to have my dog's nails cut?

Why do I need to have my dog's nails cut?

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Trimming a dog's nails regularly is essential to avoid long term health problems and discomfort. A healthy, strong paw needs short, welltrimmed nails. Some big dog that walk a lot on hard surfaces actually do a pretty good job of trimming their own nails, but most dogs are not that lucky.

If you can hear clicking sounds when your dog walks across the floor, it’s most likely time to have them trimmed.

The nails can appear sharp after cutting, and if you think your dog is scratching you, request that the nails get filed or grinded.



Axcium Dog Spa is one of the few salons in Atlanta that offers professional hand stripping of all wire coated dog breeds. Click here to read more about hand stripping.