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Home FAQ How often should I brush my dog?

How often should I brush my dog?

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Brushing your dog on a regular basis is important for your dogs health and well-beeing. Some coats need to be brushed daily, others will do with once a week. Even a short haired breed will benefit from a good de-shedding treatment to loosen old and dead hair and stimulate blood circulation.

Keeping a full coat on a Shih-tzu, Lhasa Apso, or Poodle is quite an ambitious task. If you know you cannot keep up with a daily brushing routine, you should consider having their coat kept short in combination with a monthly visit to the groomer. Long, fine, or curly hair get matted very easily, and the areas that mats up first are behind the ears, the insides of their legs, the collar area (if the dog wears a collar on a regular basis), and tails. When brushing your dog those are the areas you need to work out first - just brushing down their back does not count!

Fine coated breeds often have thin skin, so brush gently to prevent irritation. Thicker coated breeds require stronger brush strokes and strong equipment to get through the undercoat. Axcium Dog Spa will be happy to help you get the proper grooming tools for your particular dog.



Axcium Dog Spa is one of the few salons in Atlanta that offers professional hand stripping of all wire coated dog breeds. Click here to read more about hand stripping.