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Home Articles Doggy Exercise to help with Obesity

Doggy Exercise to help with Obesity

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Lots of good reasons exist for giving your dog exercise. Just as humans are having problems with obesity at the moment, so too dogs are experiencing the same problem. But, weight concern isn't the only reason you should exercise your dog. Giving your dog exercise also helps to dampen bad behavior such as aggression or too much energy. Here are a few ideas and things to keep in mind before you start out on your exercise routine.

Whereas a human simply has to go to the supermarket and buy healthier foods with less calories when he or she starts to put on weight, for dogs it is a bit different. They cannot walk into the store and get the food of their choice to put in their bowls. You must be the one to make the decision. If you see your dog is putting on weight, buy it food that is less intense on calories. Just like you or me, if you are giving the animal less calorie intake than it is burning off, then it will start to lose weight.

It is important that you check with your vet when your dog becomes overweight. There may be some reason for this beneath the surface. The dog may have a weakened heart. Problems like this can hinder a dog just as much as they might hinder a human. Get a complete description performed of the dog prior to commencing exercise just for incase the animal has any hear-conditions or other problems that will counteract the exercise.

Another important thing to keep in mind is what breed of dog you have. The kind of dog will affect the type of training you can give it. For instance, small dogs aren't going to cope with marathons or constant walking. One mile to a dog with small legs will be a lot more intense than it would be for a large dog. Again, you can speak with your vet regarding what exercise and how much of it will suit your dog.

When choosing the area you and your dog will perform the exercise at, make sure you take into consideration the texture of the ground. Whereas you have shoes to protect your feet, your dog has only its paws. If your running over rocky ground or hot asphalt in the summer, your dog's paws are likely to get hurt and your dog will be in pain. It is a good idea to stick to shady paths with smooth surfaces.

Above all, when you are setting out to train your dog, you must always remember safety. Take a look at what things surround you and your dog. Is the area filled with traffic or are you near a cliff edge? There are many times such as these that you will need to keep your dog on a short leash so don't forget to take one with you wherever you go.Content written by Philip McCabe of, where you can find a fantastic variety of small dog beds online.



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