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My dog is itching - Help!

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Itchy dogFor some dogs, this is a big problem! Itchy dogs are uncomfortable as they constantly itch and scratch all over and often their feet, loose hair, have skin infections - in addition they often have ear infections.

Itching and scratching can come from any number of things. However, the top seven reasons for scratching are flea infestations, yeast infections, acute moist dermatitis (hot spots), food allergies, allergic dermatitis, thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism which causes dry skin) and poor nutrition. If your dog lacks certain vitamins and nutrients, he could have dry, flaky, itchy skin.

The bad news is that continuous itching can cause open sores and additional skin problems and infections.

That's why it's important to break the cycle of itching and scratching to prevent further skin problems.

What can you do?

1. Look for fleas. The most common cause of allergies is fleas. Pets react to flea saliva and just one flea bite can result in an allergic reaction that begins with itching and skin lesions. 
If you see fleas or any evidence of fleas, put your pet on a good flea preventative medication. Talk to your veterinarian.

2. Make sure you feed your dog a balanced, nutritious food for the right combination of protein, vitamins and nutrients. This will keep your dog's skin and coat looking its best.

3. Talk to your veterinarian before your dog's symptoms get really bad. Itching and scratching can lead to ear and skin infections. Often, you can get started on low doses of Benadryl to help prevent bigger problems.

In addition, there is another way to break the itch and scratch cycle, which can be both uncomfortable and painful to your dog.

Honestly, this approach is not known by many pet owners and has been a bit of a secret that most vets use in their arsenal to break the cycle and enhance your pet's coat.

It's called Omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish oil is a potent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These natural antioxidants have a proven anti-inflammatory effect helping to maintain a healthy skin and coat in dogs. 

Omega-3 fatty acids have been a very effective non-prescription tool for dealing with dry skin and coat, flaking, itchiness and even joint disorders because of their anti-inflammatory aspects. Omega-3s are my first line of defense before steroids and other medications for skin issues.

Omega-3s are an effective and affordable way to treat skin issues. Typical steroids and supplements to treat skin issues can cost about $20-$30 a month, but Omega-3s are much more affordable – starting at about $5 per month.



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